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Originally Posted by mrforsyth View Post
...which makes it functionally useless for high capacity and high performance cells, in my view.

Any IR measurement device must employ 4-wire measurement (main connector and balance connector) in order to serve any value other than mere curiosity.

Just my 2 cents, of course.

Mark, I appreciate your thoughts. You are correct about how the measurements are made. It does not employ a 4-wire measurement. Again, you are also correct in my interest being more curiosity from the standpoint of knowing which of my batteries are better than others and how much better on a relative basis. Since there is nothing I can do to improve the IR, I wasn't really concerned about absolute accuracy....I just wanted to know how bad off my batteries were in relation to others. If I could do somehting to improve the IR then I might look at things differently. At least I know not to store my batteries charged. These forums taught me a valuable lesson there. I really appreciate everyones comments because I learn a lot from them.
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