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The readings are not out by a decimal point. Mark's comment is correct. this meter is useless for measuring IR. The IR of modern reasonable sized LiPo cells is significantly lower than the resistance of the two balance leads and the contact resistance of the connectors. The designers just didn't understand what they were doing.
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Thank you for your comments. Yes, I failed to mention an important parameter, the ambient temp of the batts. All batteries were at 70 degrees F for all measurements. I also noticed my readings were high compared to your meter. But I dismissed that because they appear to be approx one decimal point off. I thought maybe the designers of my meter might have used a load resister that was incorrect for milli-ohms. Maybe I'm wrong there but it seems logical considering the source (China).

The measurement is taken at the ballance connector by inserting only two pins, feeding the meter input, into the balance connector of the battery. I started from the most negative point moving up the balance connector. So, the black wire of the meter was inserted in the most negative pin of the balance connector of the battery with its associated red wire on the pin next to it. I moved up the balance connector, one pin at a time until all cells were measured. Also note that the meter is powered by another (separte) LiPo battery pluged into the meters power connector, independent of the battery under test.

What do you think about my theory that my readings are approx one decimal point off? I'm going to be really disappointed if that isn't the case. At least I am comfortable with that because we are really only looking for relative readings from cell to cell and battery to battery.

Many thanks for your input.
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