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Wayne, from the diagram in the manual, it looks like this is a simple two wire IR meter. Separate battery to power it and you just plug a two pin jumper into the balance connector. See attached. Explains the readings. It is measuring the resistance in the balance leads as well. Same issue we had with Paul Daniel's otherwise excellent IR meter (which I bet was more accurate than this one in any case!).

Looks like a useful all round meter though. Be interested when someone does a decent test and checks it for accuracy.

Originally Posted by Wayne Giles View Post
There is something wrong in those figures as they are all far too high.
eg I know from measurements that a Turnigy 2200 25C cell at room temp (20 - 25Deg cent is about 5 - 7 milliohms.
If you look at the 'worst' pack; the 4S 3700 20C Rhino, then the total resistance of the four cells is 446 milliohms ie 0.446 ohms. If this were correct putting a dead short on a fully charged pack would only produce a max current of 37.7A ie 10C, or put another way if you tried to take 10 C from the pack the voltage would fall to zero.
How does the meter take a reading - do you press an operating button?
Is it only connected to the pack by the balance connector when measuring IR.
I have looked at the instruction manual but cannot see how you are intended to take IR readings.

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