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imoh 900 is best for low altitude with potential obstacles, 2.4 best for long range altitude flights...
i have both, 900 500mw & 2.4 1000mw, i'm no authority on the subject, but short range (but beyond los) flights i've done, even with the power difference i noticed more dropouts with 2.4 low altitude w/ obstacles
i've not flown any notible distance, not interested in breaking records at the risk of losing my hard earned equipment lol, but if i understand & remember correctly Thomas Scherrer achieved his 52km flight testing his uhf many moons ago using 2.4 500mw with a humungous yagi
i have 8 & 14db patch and a variety of omni's & Ez tracker i'm yet to assemble, much of my fpv endevours are my 2011 resolution heh heh
i'm not planning on any great range or altitude with this Icon, but should be a real good all round flyer, with the obvious advantage of belly landings on either grass or water, or wheels on, i dare to say, nothing less than smooth pavement to save the nose gear

Originally Posted by shigetyann View Post
...and not right position of main gears for taking off easily....
I'm not sure what you meant here, but if you are refering to my post, set up with the 180 deg retract servo the retracts work fine
if you use the 77BB standard servo horn, it is approx 3mm too short to full retract the rear main wheels, so all you need to do is extend the length of the servo horn for the rear mains and all's good. Someone may come up with a better idea, but this should work fine
but as per my previous posted pic, i kinda prefer to have the rear mains hanging a little bit for a little protection for the sponsons... but unsure if this will affect water performance. the undercarriage locks well in the down position, front retracts perfectly, only i have the rears not fully retract

i hope that hasnt confused anyone...
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