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Light Machines Prolight 2000 and SpectraLight mills

This is my Spectralight mill. Took it appart for cleaning, so took some pictures. Light Machines started with Sherline mill parts added an enclosure, and moved the spindle motor control into the enclosure. It is run by a Deepgroove controller, based around its Gecko G540. I use Mach3 software to drive it. Has an Minaric Bm-3 motor controller for the original spindle. The spindle has an ER-16 collet adapter. Also have a Wolfgang spindle.

I added the A2Z CNC column riser blocks, z column steeper mount, super gibbs, spindle extended mount, and tooling plate. In the tooling plate I added mounting holes to move the plate to the edge of the table, so I don't loose travel.

For removing the steepers I show several pictures. On these mills the coupler setscrew can be hard to get out. So best to use a good allen wrench if it has not been removed in a long time. If you can't get the set screw out, the factory coupler can be pulled out until it Breaks in half. Easy to break it off, you'll have to buy a new coupler. Now you can get to the set screw to drill it off the steeper motor.

For the blue ways cover I used pump discharge hose from Home Depot.

The A2Z super gibbs are printed abs with turcite edges. They are tapered for adjustment. I push them in tighter than the stock gibbs, since they run smoother. I trimmed them off a little long incase further adjusment is needed.

And some of the parts made on this machine pictured at the end.

Link to video of the Mill with Wolfgang spindle, cutting carbon/balsa laminate.
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