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Many of us have told FPV hobby that that splitter is totally bogus. They even had the nerve to Email me and ask why they were getting flamed about it yet still claim it as "diversity". It is total crap and anyone who would rip off others like that won't get a dime from me.

Here's what I told Andan in response to his asking "why bother with diversity? Why not this stub?":

It is actually about far worse than one antenna. Here's why:

First, the RX is looking for a 50 ohm impedance. Two 50 ohm antennas in parallel would be 25 ohm impedance. This equates to a 3db drop in performance right off from the start.

The other problem is interference. The signal will be received at separate times at different signal strengths. Even if the signal hits both antennas at exactly the same time and in phase (which will not happen by the way) the directional antenna has several feet of coaxial cable that slows the transmission of the signal on it's way to the RX, thus delaying the signal several cycles causing guaranteed destructive interference.

In other words, if it sounds to good to be true, it likely is.

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