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schu, want me to put a notice about this in the Sticky thread?

Originally Posted by akschu View Post
Ok, I got the parts ordered to convert 10 pairs of power supplies into series wired units as well as 2 pairs of power supplies to modify.

The plan is to use 1 pair of the power supplies to record an instructional video then offer two conversion kits:

Short kit contains:

(1) Nylon screw and washer
(2) Pin headers to plug into the main board to turn the power supply on.
(1) Zener diode to provide a dc- case ground if we have a fault.
(2) 30A keystone binding posts. (use ring terminals for more current)
(1) Angle aluminum to make the front plate out of and fasten power supplies together.
(1) Drill template for angle aluminum.
(1) Instructional video.

To complete the short kit you will need some ring terminals, some 10awg wire, and some heat shrink. You will also need to build all of the jumpers, mount the binding posts, solder jumpers on the pin header, and grind down one of the board mounts on one of the power supplies. Cost for the short kit will be $28 shipped.

Full Kit contains:

(1) Everything in the short kit.
(2) Jumpers with ring terminals to wire the power supplies in series or parallel.
(4) Internal jumper wires to go from the binding posts to the main board.
(1) Holes drilled in the angle aluminum with the jumps and binding posts installed.
(1) Heat shrink tubing.

The full kit does not require any soldering or drilling. The only thing you need to do is remove the board in one of the power supplies, grind down one of the mounts with the dremel, then bolt it together according to the instructions. Cost for the full kit is $45 shipped.

When I get the parts in then I'll setup a website with paypal to accept orders. I'll probably only do a couple of runs of these since I really don't want to get into business, but I did want to make a convenient way for others to modify power supplies without the need to chase down all of the parts.

Please note that while I think this setup is as safe as it can be, I cannot be responsible for your success in modifying these parts or any hazards or dangers you may be subject to.

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