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Dave, that's always been a concern and the reason I started the "Two supplies - safety issues" thread. The problem is I suspect that many of the regular contributors tend to be reasonably knowledgeable while the occasional Google driven searcher who comes across the idea and neither knows nor cares about the whole story may not be.

Not much we can do about it. I would be happy to add your warning to the Sticky thread. Any objections?

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Agreed - slickest and most thorough solution yet.

I must admit, I am more than a little concerned these days about folks connecting different power supplies in series without a full understanding of the dangers. High powered chargers demand more power, and to get it many people having heard of this practice are haphazardly connecting power supplies in configurations for which they were not designed for and have not been tested or CE certified.

All we can do is fight the good fight and continue to educate people. Every week now I get a call or two with a story about series connecting two random, disparate power supplies in an attempt to get more power - with varying success. I sincerely hope the chances of disaster are infinitesimally small and that most all modern supplies have adequate protection built in to avoid anything catastrophic. My concern is for the people playing around modified industrial or hobby grade equipment who don't understand the physics involved and that their actions may be potentially dangerous.

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