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Stanger Biplane

For the full story of how I came across, and then became fascinated by, this pioneering free flight model, click here.

I built a miniature R/C version for indoor use back in 2005. It was incredibly stable (see video clip here) but alas got eaten by a Shock Flyer after just a couple of sessions.

Anyway, I am beginning to feel that this particular itch is going to need scratching again soon and am contemplating building a bigger version for outdoor use so I thought that I would start by picking a few brains on this thread. Please feel free to chime in on any aspect that interests you but I do have two particular questions:

i) The indoor model was reluctant to turn. Not really surprising since the interplane rudders had very little moment arm. I did set them up with lots of differential so the inboard rudder created more drag which helped a bit. Ideas on a more positive form of directional control would be appreciated.

ii) Construction. The methods used for my miniature model won't scale up easily and those used on the prototype are beyond my skill (and patience!). Again, any suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation,

Trevorh is online now Find More Posts by Trevorh
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