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Originally Posted by R. Nordeck View Post
Our small group of eight Nirvana sailors have been wondering about the previous sail number registration system. Six of our clubs Nirvanas were bought and registered thru Steve at SailRC. However, a recent visit to the Montgomery Model Boat Club site []; a great site; indicates that two of their registered sail numbers match two of ours (#57 & #87).

So, just to see how big this problem may be, here are our "Registered" Nirvana Numbers:
# 57 - B Good
# 80 - CU BYE
# 86 - Pumpkin
# 87 - Gum Drop
# 89 - Name Pending
# 93 - " "

Are there other duplications out there??? We can only Hope that the new Class secretary will have the 'old' records or an idea how to fix the registration problem. However, I doubt I can convince all our informal group to join AMYA to get a registered #.

Cap'n I. B. Narly
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I'm not sure what the answer is but if you only look at the last 2 digits there is only 99 possibilities... which means reusing the same last 2 numbers over and over. I know my boats have 3 digits but only the last 2 are displayed on the sails. I think the odds of 2 boats sailing anywhere at the same time, with the same sail number is fairly remote....and then chances are, even if that will be able to tell them apart.

Boomer1...I agree....I've sailed by myself many times and always enjoy it.

Wrathchild...when Mr. Leathers gets back from his vacation down in him one on one and see if he would meet you on a Saturday to sail, if not, go do it by yourself and you may get others interested.

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