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Good info. I like to support Steve whenever I can. He does a good job for his customers and that is certainly a fair price.

I was hoping to find a nice "previously owned" boat but the ones I have found turned out to be, less than hoped for. I'd make this fellow an offer, but don't want to offend him. Plus, he has not posted any photos for any one that might have and interested to see the condition of the boat.

I remember when Wrathchild, was looking for a boat last year, and a few of us provided some insights for him. I have sent him a few PMs encouraging him to post his ad in the Classified, but I have not seen an ad posted yet.

He was so excited to get one, it is sad he's not been able to enjoy sailing it. I submit, while it is great fun to sail with others, it is also enjoyable sailing solo.

I can spend hours sailing by myself, enjoying the scenery, the fresh air and working on improving my skills as "skipper". It is similar to golf, in that golf is really playing against the course, as it is in sailing. You play against the conditions nature is providing on that day.

Racing is great fun, but to be good at it takes knowing the rules, and practicing.
On the lake I regularly sail on, we have put in buoys, so with, or without having sailing buddies to practice with, I can practice on my own. We often change the course so we/I don't to get accustomed with one set course or the wind conditions that prevail for a single race course.

On some of our runs, we can fly to the next buoy, and on other parts, it can be like watching turtles racing to a buoy, which can be the most challenging part of the race.

I posted a couple photo of my home lake. We call this "Mirror Lake", and is one of 5 we can sail on without getting beaned by golf balls. I think of this place and my boats as my decompression chamber.

I liament, sorry.

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