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I dont know how they expect the provided interlocking snap clips to hold up to 10-15mph winds as supplied out of the box rigged.

Stopped by the Sporting Goods store on the way home. 12 new rigging clips for only $1.09 (the Vela Rigging Clips from AQ are $7). Picture attached of the ones I bought and will work much better as a surrogate, until I change the rigging over to Pekabe and wire side stays.

A couple of housekeeping items before my next outing (or your first):

* The bowsie's are extremely difficult to adjust. Maybe a little wax the make the lines easier to slide. Shouldnt have any impact on the ability of the bowsie to hold tension once the rigging is set.

** The boat shipped with the Rudder installed. I didnt remove mine to grease the shaft. I did have some water inside the hull. I believe this may have been the source. I will remove/inspect and grease the rudder next outing.

*** Add velcro to the battery holder (if your using lithium disposable AA's) so it remains in the radio tray location.

**** Im going to re work the lines on the traveler. I think I can get more outhaul, and still be able to acquire close haul of the main if they allow more extension from the deck.

After comparing the Vela to the Seawind, I think a set of Seawind Sail and rigging would make a great "B" rig for the Vela. May need to purchase a set to try on higher wind outings.

Very happy with the boat overall. Luff the sails and she nicely pointed into the wind. Ready for a full day of trials to see what she can do. Should be great fun racing with the Seawinds, Thunder Tiger ETNZ/China Team, and HK Monsoon/Leopard/Phantom.

As long as people dont protest because the Vela measures 40inches (1016mm). 16mm longer than 1 Meter.
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