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Cox 300 Maiden

Got to maiden it a few days ago. Mine was quite tail heavy, which made for some "interesting" flying, not to mention some rather flawed landings giving me a great chance to check durability (I can vouch for the fact that it can withstand a hard nose in without damage). So, when I got home, I marked the wings about 1/3 back along the chord length and scotch taped some weight to the nose to balance it I won't fly again until the rain stops and the mud goes away; I'll report back on the repeat maiden.

So, in short the plane thus far flew poorly, but I think (hope?) it may have been due to the inappropriate CG. It had a lot of power and was very responsive to the control surfaces (I imagine it might be a great flyer when I get CG issues worked out). It had good speed and penetration, so should easily handle moderate breezes. It is very durable, both because of its light weight and good foam (and the propellor snap off feature works great). Lastly, it can be stored and transported in the box and put together on the field, which is a significant plus for me (get extra wing screws, which are #2 X 3/8"), and can be flown in a fairly small spot (I flew it on a Little League field with outfield).
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