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Originally Posted by mavlo77 View Post
Below a picture of my camera protective case...

Used a thin glass microscope slide as wind shield. No reflections can be seen. Actually I compared frames side by side (with or without slide in front of it), and I can't tell the difference.

I also tested a clear sandwich wrap (preferred because of simplicity), but that reduces the image quality significantly.

One problem is that during flight the glass gets condensed somehow... Don't understand it. It wasn't raining, but it was humid. But with the camera looking aft, it wasn't getting condensed. So maybe some drizzle I didn't notice.

Will post a flight video later. There you will see that the dark edges are quite prominent during flight in certain conditions, like bright sky and dark ground. I wonder if maybe the lens hole is too small? Or maybe I am just hoping . I am thinking about this because with the #3 cam (smaller angle) I had a bit darker sides, and then I discovered the lens was not centered. This HD camera has a wider view, but same diameter hole.
I try to keep things simple. Below is my method for mounting the camera to my HawkSky. All you need is velcro on the bottom of the camera and on the plane. I also use a velcro strap for added security. No jello on this plane mounted like this, and no condensation either.

If your plane transmits more vibration through its frame, you can and add an inch of foam between the plane and the camera.

You didn't mention if the condensation was on the inside or outside of the microscope slide. If inside, try a bag of dessicant inside the enclosure to absord any moisture trapped inside. Also, if you keep the enclosure outside for 45 minutes or so prior to a flight, it will give it time to stablilize to the same temperature as the outside air. A temperature difference between the glass and the outside air, can cause condensation as well. Just a couple thoughts.....

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