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I used to get awesome service from TH. Been ordering for 20+ years. Used to was the key word.

I was always treated with kindness, respect and concern for the small amount of issues that would occur. For the longest time they had zero errors and I even called in my orders instead of using the website because they were so nice to talk to.

It changed all of a sudden one year. Like night and day.

After I got burned by more than one scratch and dent item that was grossly misrepresented (some weren't even the items they claimed they were) on the website, and told to pretty much to go spin on my thumb by the phone CSRs when I called about it, I stopped ordering.

I understand sold as-is, but when you give a hugely incorrect description (such as they say "works fine, minor covering damage", and you get a box of smashed parts with many others missing, no way this thing worked earlier), that's not as-is, that's false advertising. I'm willing to fix scratch and dent items, that's the point. But to blatantly tell me items are ok with minor damage but still working and I get an item that isn't even the same item or a box of balsa scraps more than once, then you tell me I have to pay to have it all sorted out, no way, I object.

I was even a member of that "Gold" club or whatever they called it that they gave large discounts to select buyers (not the Super Saver thing, though I joined that too), for when you spend thousands each year.

Since getting burned, I have only dropped a few bucks on them here and there when they had something I couldn't get elsewhere.

Other than that, my hobby dollars have been feeding distributors other than Tower / Great Planes / Hobbico. In fact, I go out of my way not to give them my money when I can.

Kinda sad, like losing a good friend is how I felt, and still feel about it.
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