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Originally Posted by ASSAN View Post
sorry, we have no such plan.

actually, gyro is working at such a simple way.when fix most bugs,it's will not change for a long time. for example, Futaba's GY401 is not change for more than 10 years.

the next step we want try is to design a Gyro+Governor mode that product, we think computer commuicate is maybe need.


But this wont fix the bounce problems for the people who bought it before you fixed most bugs.

-Who wants to trade a spankin' new GA-250 for a quark plz?

We might even have to resort to slow the tail servo down severely to stop it from the quick over compensation.... but that would make it incapable to keep up with cyclic punches.... what a dilemma.

I diddnt have much more test flights out yet, i will keep trying. also ordered the slop-less dual bearing supported tail pitch slider mentioned earlier. Will take a few weeks to arrive

Dont say i got my $10 worth it out of this gyro yet!
Too early for any conclusions, and the way the heli flies with it now is not
acceptable to me.

Perhaps i can make frankenstein Cyro-250. put the mems sensor in the 401b
-just kidding about that.
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