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Originally Posted by helidave1 View Post
I'm not sure if this helps or not but it seems to me that the problem may well be due to the fact that the signal shown on your scope is simply not "clean" enough for the edge trigger to be seen by the software.
The signal I get on my unit is a good square wave and the software I am using (shrediquette) sees it wether the signal is inverted or not, even though the software engineer says in needs to see a negative pulse.
Why do you need to use the external xtal? I thought this chip had an inbuilt oscillator circuit. As I mentioned in a previous post, mine works perfectly without xtal and with fuses set for 8mhz (no clkdiv8).
If you need a photo of my setup (just the chip on a veroboard with link wires, no other components) or if I can help in any way let me know.
That's what i meant! I beleive that my signal is not clear enough for the software to recognize it.

That's why i asked if anyone knows of any analog filters to make the signal nice and clear.

What program are you using to burn the AVR ? I'm using PROGISP and i havent found anywhere to set the fuses, it's only "half-working" now because i found a new version of PROGISP that has a "sort of fuse setting" that says "Enabled XTAL".

I'll try a little further to make it work without the xtal and see if that outputs a better signal.
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