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Originally Posted by papayankee View Post
To summary my issue :
A 1GB or 4GB SDHC card wich are OK in two 8o8#3 cam gives a continous yellow led blinking (1 /s) when inserted in the HD #11 cam.
The HD8o8 is right in webcam mode.

Any idea ?

Very strange. You've ruled out a problem with the cards, I think. The blinking yellow typically means the card is not inserted, or if it is, the camera cannot detect it. But you say the PC CAN detect it in the camera when connected as a USB drive.

Can you access the card (i.e. copy files to/from the card when it's in the camera on the USB port? If the computer can see and access it but the camera cannot, the USB plug and the card socket on the camera would have to be making good contact on all the pins, and there would have to be something in the camera's card sensing components on the circuit board, downstream from the USB plug and card socket, that are not functioning correctly, I think. So the camera lights the yellow LED flashing trouble signal.

Is this an intermittent thing, i.e. does the camera sometimes sense the card and take video, or does it never sense the card now? If it's intermittent, there could be a cracked trace or solder connection somewhere, but these are hard to find visually. If it's not intermittent... not a good sign, and I don't know what to suggest other than seeing if you can get a replacement camera.

Maybe some one else has more to add?
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