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Originally Posted by papayankee View Post
My HD8o8 works well yesterday evening but this morning the same strange behaviour (blinking each second and nothing else).


Format the card in the camera using SDFormater V2 -> nothing.

Card removed window explorer see "M" disk and the two DCIM ans 100MEDIA folders and the small USB device icon is still there ??????????????

In fact the card is a micro SDHC Sandisk 4 GB !!!
Card put in a laptop thru an adaptor : nothing. Card toasted ?

Answer : No since inserted in a non HD 8o8 I get 4G on disk "M" and I have the .MOV file recorded yesterday evening with the HD8o8

Listen, I'm no computer guy (as many here will attest ) but let me tell you something that has been happening to me and my computer.

Note that I ALWAYS have problems with my computer so I figured this was just "normal" for the way things go when I use a computer but...

Several times lately, after copying the video files to where I keep them on my computer, I would re-format the card. Sometimes in the camera itself (using Win Explorer) and sometimes by taking the card out and re-formatting in a standalone formatter (SD Formatter v

Everything would be cool and I would go on about whatever else I was doing.

But then, I would try to type something (to RCG or in Word or in an e-mail) and NOTHING would work (on the keyboard). I still had mouse and cursor movement and everything just NO TYPING ALLOWED )

So I would re-BOOT my computer and suddenly all was good. I have no idea of what is/was going on.

But here's the real kicker....after doing the same thing several times to experiment and pin down the cause, it appears to only happen when I re-format with the card in the camera and using Win Explorer !

(just added) This is what may be of interest, also, when the keyboard would be dead I tried to insert the card into my card reader slot and nothing was recognized by Windows, no chime or usb icon or nothing. Checking Explorer, the drive/card was not seen. Re-boot, once again, everything was cool.

The times I take the card out and use SD Formatter, I don't seem to have a problem

Knock on wood, and I don't know if this will help you guys or not but I have had some strange behaviour using my #11 also.

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