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Originally Posted by yabbadaba2 View Post
Okay, I admit I havn't been following this but, the yellow flashing could mean you don't have the memory card inserted or maybe you're putting it in the wrong side up (contacts up toward the button side is the correct orientation). Or maybe you could format the card with a standalone formatter like Tom posted.

I'll go back to keeping quite now.

My HD8o8 works well yesterday evening but this morning the same strange behaviour (blinking each second and nothing else).
When linked in a USB port the camera card is seen by WindowsXP with the DCIM and 100MEDIA (empty) folders in "M" disk (after on/off button pressed one time to be in on mode) but yellow led is still blinking while red led is on .

After depressing the on/off button the "M" disk desappear and the small icon in the lower right corner too.
Pressing "reset" doed'nt recover .
Yesterday evening I erase all files in 100MEDIA folders, may be this is the cause ???
I will try reformat the memory card.

I stay tuned .


Format the card in the camera using SDFormater V2 -> nothing.

Card removed window explorer see "M" disk and the two DCIM ans 100MEDIA folders and the small USB device icon is still there ??????????????

In fact the card is a micro SDHC Sandisk 4 GB !!!
Card put in a laptop thru an adaptor : nothing. Card toasted ?

Answer : No since inserted in a non HD 8o8 I get 4G on disk "M" and I have the .MOV file recorded yesterday evening with the HD8o8

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