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Originally Posted by helidave1 View Post
You do not need an external oscillator with this chip. The onboard one does the job just fine. If you use the fuse calculator (easy to find on the net) just pick the standard default settings without the clkdiv setting.
I used Ponyprog to load the hex file into the chip and set the fuses and it worked well. Simple parallel port programming method. The only reason it took me so long to get up and running with this was work got in the way!
since sorting out my signal order and fuse settings I now have this chip working with almost all the RX units in my box. Only problem ones are those with non sequential signals (Graupner IFS) and my 35mhz JR Spcm although I think I just need to modify the code for this one.
@Helidave1 and SadSack ( and anyone that can help)

Well i think i was already kind of rusty when it comes to "pure AVR" programming and burning and AT90S2313 is so old and simples there even isn´t a lot of options and fuses.
After a while i finally found a fuse to enable the external XTAL and now at least i get a coherent waveform. ( yes i´m kind of ashamed of myself too.. :S)

Here´s a video:

PPM SUM Converter - uC Approach - Waveform Response (0 min 50 sec)

It doesn´t look good does it?
How can i get nice clean square pulses out of it?

Also, it is inverted.. is there an easy way to invert them back again? Ithink it might be easier then trying to find the right place to alter the MultiWii code ( specially because the way Alex deals with the ints is still a little over my head.
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