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Well, after playing with these power supplies and my powerlab 8 charger I decided to go ahead and run in series for 24v. At first I had decided that I wouldn't do that and instead ran the power supplies in parallel for a while, but seeing my powerlab8 pull 65 amps and having the 10awg wire get really hot, I decided that 24v is just the way to go.

I didn't want to remove the ac ground since I just didn't like that idea. If we have ac ground on one side and dc ground on the other then why remove the ac ground and play the insulation game. Wouldn't it be better to keep the ac ground and remove the DC ground? I would much rather have a problem on the DC side and besides it solves the physical isolation problem.

So I went to work on this and found that the DL380G4 power supplies I have (same as feather merchant) have 4 posts that mount the circuit board. The two rear ones have a cap between the chassis and ac ground, and the front two are tied directly to DC-. On the left one there are two wire jumpers soldered on the board which where easy to cut, on the right one I cut the corner of the circuit board off and pulled up the trace.

If I had to do it again, I would probably just remove the right post and put a rubber foot under the board since 3 screws will hold the board in just fine, but it doesn't matter, I left enough of the circuit board to fasten with a screw, but not enough of the traces left to make a connection.

The result:
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