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Originally Posted by erdnuckel2 View Post
here is my personal opinion to this:
the differences between CX2 and CX3:
cx2 has a two piece fuse, CX3 fuse is ONE piece (mighty big PITA to work with!!)
CX2 has the "regular" battery cage/landing skid, which you can easily switch against the "unbreakable" version from boomtownhobbies (and they really seem unbreakable) while the CX3 has a landing skid that is pretty damage prone.
CX2 has a 3in1 that is supposedly inferior to the newer 3in1 in the CX3 (however, particularly with regards to the gyro a lot of reports say otherwise)
I think these are the "obvious" differences between the two, not sure how many more subtle ones there are, but those are the main ones I can think of

As far as the quality of the V4 goes, I dont think the CX is so incredibly much better quality - I would actually call them rather equal.
However, there are some very distinct differences between the two, mainly the servo- and the motor placement!
While the motors in a CX are BOTH in front, the motors of a V4 are one in front and the other behind the rotor mast.
While the servos in a CX are both in the back (and mounted sideways), the the servos in a V4 are on the sides and mounted lenghtwise. This will be of significance once you intend to use longer servo horns. While this is rather easy with the CX2/3, you may run into problems with the V4 ... which is particularly obvious/disturbing, if you want to run your V4 in a scale fuse!

Just my 2Cents

Thanks E2, it helped a lot! I will stay at CX...the price will depends that CX2 or CX3...
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