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Originally Posted by empeabee View Post
Looking from a developer point of view, when producing a Mk11 from a Mk3 I would look for a camera/video processor chip that had the same harware interface and a processor very very similar to the Mk3 (but probably faster) so as to keep development time/effort down to a mininum, so I'm not that surprised that Mk3 runs Mk11 firmware - but there IS a difference - the Black bars which are not there on the MK11 - maybe the Mk3 would run the TimeStamp ON firmware as well - & that would confuse the people who look at the timestamp and say 'AHHa a Mk11'
What is the VIDEO aspect ratio of the Mk3 now it has Mk11 firmware - I bet it is just standard 4:3. please post a video clip Tom would be Happy.
oooo what a lot of blather that quick post was
The ONLY similarity between ANY of the old 808 cameras and the HD key cam is the plastic case it comes in. EVRYTHING is different in the HD key cam, different CMOS module, vastly different video processor, etc. etc., and IMHO, it is erroneous to call it the #11 as was done on ChuckLohr's site. It leads to assumptions as was just posted that the #3 loaded the HD firmware. It didn't, and the black bars seen on the #3 still pictures are part of it's firmware. Even though the date removal process that the old 808 uses erases the font that gets displayed, it doesn't remove the black background they were on! Simple as that.
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