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Originally Posted by Fred79 View Post
I'm already thinking about that! great minds think alike. I wish I could keep the battery inside the case, so I'm just on the fence about whether I would mod the case to fit something just a _little_ bigger, create a new case to hold a larger battery, or strap a second battery to the outside. I think it may be an easier decision if I could figure out how much power was needed for 80 minutes of video (maybe 90 to be on the safe side).

Regarding the stop/save/continue function to save the recording every 20 minutes and start a new file, what are the chances that can be disabled? I'd rather the camera just saved the file when either
a) the stop button is pushed
b) the power runs too low
c) the memory card is filled up, or
d) a 4gb file size limit is reached (a limitation of FAT32)

a & c work already, so I hope they implement 'b'... and get rid of the auto-save every 20 minutes - it becomes redundant once 'b' works.

Edit: this seems like speed posting, but I just read a review here that says one negative about the new 808HD camera - it over-exposes the center of the image, called 'the flashlight effect'. Its obvious in the video he posts, especially in the last couple seconds. Can anyone comment on this?
I just answered your first two questions in my prior post.

There is a "hot spot" in the center of the videos, but it varies quite a bit depending on the brightness of the scene. It's much more noticeable in lower light situations, and some of it is due to light fall off (vignetting) towards the corners and right/left edges due to the lens. Take the time to page back through this thread and view the videos that have already been posted, and make up you own mind about this.
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