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Detachable Landing Gear

I always wanted to roll of the ground and do touch and goes with my EZ*'s.

But I had to make landing gear that could be taken off the plane for transport.

I finally got around to it.

I used two left over Honey Bee King Tailbooms as the system's "backbone". For the main axle, I used a left over Honey Bee King fly-bar inserted into a shortened spare EZ* center spar. The main wheels are held on using left over fly-bar paddle bearings. A piece of clothes hanger wire bent into an "L" is the front wheel axle. Simple packing foam shaped to cradle the airplane. The frame and main axle are hot glued into the foam cradle. I elected to have a "one piece" dolly, as opposed to an installation for the front and rear wheels to ensure that the wheels remained aligned.

The main wheels are located about 2 mm aft of the CoG. With the Main Gear close to the cg, the elevator does not have to work so hard. As well, I made sure that the plane was slightly nose up. A nose down plane on the landing gear positively push the plane down on touch down but are a bear on take off. The idea is to have a plane that easily rotates on take off.

The "dolly" is attached to the fuse using two rubber bands, one around the main gear, through the wing saddle, the other just around the nose.
The foam around main gear is shaped such that it grips the fuse when the rubber band is laced on. This makes for an extremely secure installation.

Surprisingly, it can taxi. I have to apply throttle plus up elevator to "unload" the nose wheel and the appropriate rudder to turn the plane.

In flight, the gear is quite draggy, adding about .5 amps on top of the typical 2.8 Amps min power to hold altitude. Other than that, the plane did not notice it at all. We did a couple of touch and goes today. The system seems to tolerate that well.

I'm quite happy with this mod. It should allow take off's without having to hand launch. This will come in handy when I start flying from inside a car, for example.

2011 Jan 17 New Landing Gear (1 min 53 sec)
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