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Originally Posted by Fred79 View Post
I hear that, and it is quite tempting... You can pick up an emergency charger for like $2 and AA batteries are pretty cheap and readily abundant. Its probably worth a try, so I might just order one for fun to test with. I'm going to be curious about what kind of increase in recording time it gives. One must remember it is 2000mah at the stock 1.5V, so upscaled to 3.7v and it would be about 800mah. Still more than a single 450mah battery, but I'm really just interested in getting the camera to be able to run about 80 minutes. More is just gravy.

Still, my original background was with a gumstick cam: very small, compact, very unobtrusive, and very robust. To add a small cable to the USB port running to a small battery cylinder means my package just got bigger, is less robust/stable, and more awkward for mounting in my application. While many people are concerned about keeping weight down, I'm concerned with keeping size down as well. It may require a trip to the machine shop to CNC a new case that fits a bigger battery if I can't have it my way with the stock case.

And if that were the case (if I were to be so ambitious) I wonder if I could reorient the camera to face the side that has the buttons on it - it would utmake attaching a wide-angle lens easier.
Yes, the jury is still out until we can get some hands on feedback on recording time boost.

A new case with side mounted lens could be "easily" done, though, as far as the camera is concerned. The ribbon cable that attaches the lens CMOS module to the camera circuit board goes through a 90 deg. bend to position the lens on the end of the circuit. If you just run it straight and flat, the lens module would extend only about 3-4mm further beyond the end of the circuit board than it now does, and it would point to the flat side with the buttons on it.

I guess you read in recent posts, My Camera Guy mentions they are working on a new HD cam with 4 hour recording capability. Details unknown, but if they are using the same major circuit components, especially the CMOS module and the video processor chip, they will need about a 1500 mAh lipo cell for power with a 16 GB flash memory to hold all that video.
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