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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I agree... the HD key cam already has a 250 mAh battery on board, and using the old 808 external power hacks is NOT advised because the HD key cam circuity is totally different, including the battery charge/LVC circuits.

The car charger that comes with the camera could also be adapted to other battery/power supply sources by cutting the cord and adding a 2 pin connector (red wire + and black wire ground). We know +5V supply to the camera is normal from the PC USB port and the dedicated car charger.

We don't yet know what voltage the new dedicated external single AA battery charger boosted output voltage is... maybe the camera will function through the emergency charger cord on less than +5V... perhaps even a single cell lipo?
Yes, thanks guys. Actually, I saw that thread on the 808 battery upgrade, which came referenced from Chuck's site. He wrote:
LIPO BATTERY MODULES (battery + protection circuit).
Any replacement battery module must have a protection circuit.
Make sure it will fit your camera. Length includes the protection circuit.
My #2 camera 382030 (3.8mm thick x 20mm x 30mm) barely fits.
My #3 camera 402030 (4.0mm thick x 20mm x 30mm) barely fits and 4.5mm does not fit (I added 0.5mm, 4 thicknesses of 20lb paper).
Any battery module over 4.0mm thick will probably not fit.
● 402025 with protection circuit, claims 150 mAh. Smaller than a 402030. eBay 220544906965.
● 402030. Claims 120 mAh. You must reuse your protection circuit.
● This replacement LiPo 240 mAh battery has has been reported to work and fit: HobbyCity. Recycle the little circuit under the tape. This report says that the 240 mAh battery at 5.5 mm thick does not fit in the case.
● Here is a Pair of 200 mAh LiPo batteries on eBay that might fit. These batteries are 4.5mm thick so they won't fit the #3 camera.
● Rotozuk says that this ??? mAh LiPo battery fits.
● How to wire an external RC servo Battery and an external AA battery pack.
Anyway, the big take home I got here was that a battery was 20mm x 30mm and anything over 4mm thick would not fit in the case. I think I found one website that says the whole keychain cam is only 30mm x 50mm x 10mm, and of course it tapers so one side isn't even a full 30mm wide.
Eletoponline posts pictures in the ebay ad of the insides of the case, and you can see the battery. It is a model AM-402030P rated at 250mah (supposedly). Coincidentally, the 402030 model number actually hints at the size = 4.0mm x 20mm x 30mm.

I found a battery of 440mah that has a model number of 652530. Although this may be 2.5mm too thick for the case (about the thickness of a dime), I'm really attracted to the idea of 440mah over 250mah if the case could be slightly modified to accommodate the larger battery. It should at least give a solid hour of recording time, which may be all my 8GB card can handle anyway. At least, I would prefer some type of mod to the case than having the emergency charger hanging off the back side. Just thinking about it, not sure how that mod would work/look, but for me it would be more ideal than the AA emergency battery charger (although 2200mah is really cool and I'd be curious to know how long that lasts).
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