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Originally Posted by SKYPILEIT View Post
agreed..!I have the utmost respect for MLK & the efforts he made to make racial progress...but,it does post the question,even 43 years after his death,racial relations aren't where they should be.Not even close.

We have elected an african American President,but there is soo much more to be done.More than affirmative action & minority preferencial policies..

I've often wondered how blacks feel they can try harder on their own,without jumping into a hostile attitude about all the usual enforcement profiling AA's,etc.

Maybe a new role model is needed...wait,we've got the POTUS..right.?

Well then,why are most of young ones more concerned about being a rap star...instead of focusing upon academic achievements.?

Why isn't Rev.Jesse Jackson & Rev. Al Sharpton speaking out..when most inner cities are a cesspool of crime,drugs & dispair.?
Yeah, there are a few voices calling for that sort of thing, but they don't seem to get much traction. Bill Cosby, for one, and, strange as it may sound, Louis Farrakhan, though some of the rest of his message is not wonderful.

I see places like Camden NJ or the badlands in Philadelphia. Man, it would be some job of bootstrapping to reverse all that. I wish I had the answer, but don't even know where to start.
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