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Hi BG, Phil, Papangue, RClab1 and others,

I was out yesterday - nicer wheather here - for a short pre-spring (at least it looked that way) flight with my diamond. Temperature was just around 5 C/ 41 F. i did not have much time to prepare everything. still I was able to get to the air. Used 2 batteries. About 30 minutes safe flight. i wanted to be careful with my first flight after some (not real flying just simulator) pause time (my last flight was on 19 November i think).

BG, it is completely different experience in comparison with simulator. With simulator they try to put 3D into 2D monitor. Real experience is completely difference even they try very hard in simulator to get best experience. i wanted to record some video from flight with sunny wheather, but keychain camera did not work, was not charged properly, so it did not start. Just tried to test also low voltage indicator/buzzer a little. but i did not test it much, since i prefer my experience and upfront safe landing instead of waiting for some signal i do not know, so i landed upfront.

I used 2 batteries. about 30 minutes flight. Phil, I wish could get that nice 90 minutes flying time here... probably difference is whether difference. i look forward for summer, hopefully will be getting better flying times also here with my diamond...

Would like to test also different battery packs, would like to try that Blue Lipo 2200 30C. But it looks like Blue Lipo 2200 4S 30C is not here in a shop, just different brand. Maybe i would need to buy it abroad online from some shop. Do you have any recommendation? (with lowest prices, possible lowest or free shipping around the world?)

Papangue, did that advice with blades easy folding help to resolve the unwanted rotation?

Other guys flew there in the airport with helis, alfa 1500 and also German diamond version in the form of Arcus Sport from Robbe.

Hope there will be more days like this during this Winter still yet, looking forward for spring and summer for flying.

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