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Originally Posted by Tim Cullip View Post
I just got my camera from eletoponline365 but I can't seem to get it to work.

If I push the power button (the bigger of the two buttons) the yellow led starts flashing: on about a second, off about 1/2 sec and just continues to do that over and over again.

Pushing the "shutter" button (at least that is what the instructions called it, the smaller of the two buttons) doesn't have any effect at all, led just keeps flashing yellow as above.

Pusthing the power button again once it is flashing as above will cause the yellow led to flash once quickly and then it returns to the 1 second on:1/2 off yellow flashing.

Eventually after a couple minutes of not pushing any buttons and the unit turns itself off again.

Plugging in the usb cable and the red charging light comes on and stays on (until charged up and it turns off).

Pushing the power button when the usb is connected causes it to alternate between red and yellow led flashing and I get a "Removable Diske E:" on my computer which if I open I get "DCIM" and in that folder I get "100MEDIA". Sounds promising, but I never get anything inside 100MEDIA no matter what series of buttons I push to try to get it into either video or still picture mode (with or without the usb cable attached). If I right click on E: it tells me it is FAT with 8,192 bytes used and 970,752 bytes free (that seems might small - isn't this thing supposed to have an internal 512Mbyte memory?).

The only recording mode I've ever gotten it into is as a usb camera (those instructions - post 427 - are the only ones that seem to work).

Am I just incredibly dense/stupid when it comes to trying to follow simple instructions or is something wrong with my camera?


Did you install a micro card?

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