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Hi guys,

Does anyone have this working with a Spektrum DX5e TX and a AR500 RX ?

The only MCU i have available here is a AT90S2313 . I have programed it with the 6ch hex that someone kindly posted here on page 4 (sorry i donīt remember the name), but the output signal ( pin B7 right?) show a quite crazy output on the scope. Several pulses that oscillate from 2 to several pulses all nuts..and they donīt seem to change in duration as i flick the TX sticks.

1-Have anyone tried this with an ATS902313 yet? Does it work?
2-Does someone have a working code for 5 channels? Even better if itīs tested with AR500 RX.
3- Someone sugested using the 4078. Is there really a reliable analog solution for this? Or maybe a C code? ( i canīt code in Assembly) Or maybe a PIC solution?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
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