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Originally Posted by empeabee View Post
There is a problem with the 'normal' FAT32 format used on Flash cards - a limit of 4 gigabyte file size.
the 20min save and re-open yealds a file less than 2 Gigabytes long, & Looking at the numbers, that is probably a safe value, as 2gig is the max if the 32bit number used to store file length is used as a Signed Integer, 4 gig if it is used as an Unsigned Integer - a common GotchYa for programmers.
So - removing the 20min close/opennew restrictiion will rusult in a quiet phffut as the fileing system retires hurt, or at least garbages the file....
See link

Yes, I knew about file size limits, but have never tested to see what happens when its exceeded... i.e. does the whole file get trashed, or does the file get closed with the end truncated? My HD key cam always seems to average right around 7Mbps data rate, and my 20 min. files are about 1.05 GB in size. I know some people are reporting AVERAGE data rates up to 10Mbps, but I haven't seen it on mine... don't know why the big differences.

My JAZZ HD camera shoots very good 1280x720 @ 30 fps video (a little better than the HD key cam due to it's better lens and real 5MP sensor) with an average data rate of only about 4.2Mbps, so I think the the HD key cam could actually benefit (given the lower quality optics) by reducing the data rate a bit and the file sizes along with it. But I digress...

My main gripe with the stop/save/continue (S/S/C) on this camera is I fly up to 30 min. with some planes, and would like uninterrupted video. I think they could double it to 40 min., and still easily contain the video on a 4 GB flash card if the battery would last that long, which mine does for now while its new and healthy

I've confirmed the file is saved when the card fills up, and the file is not saved when the battery gets low, so the big issue is battery life with the S/S/C function. If it were 30 min. instead of 20 min., I probably would not care as much.
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