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I have somthing interesting I would like to share.

The B2 bomber.
It's intent was to be a stealth plane and ba able to pass through radar undetected.
Radar works by shooting waves, then if they bounce back off somthing (like an airplane) they get picked up and can be seen on the radar system.
B2 bombers are very flat, this reduces the amount of radar that will bounce off them. But here is the cool part I never got: The B2 looks like a delta wing with a zig-zag pattern as the trailing edge. Every line segment in the zig-zag pattern is parallel to one of the leading edges. Therefore, the B2 can only be seen by radar at two specific angles. When they know where the radar is, the flight path of the B2 can be adjusted to a point so the radar is never facing directly at the leading edge of the wing.
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