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Originally Posted by alivestone View Post
Hello guys.
I have a question about battery on new #11 camcorder version.

Early i was bought keychain ver #3 but i did not know about time charging of device and my camcorder not turn on - led not bright and when i put usb cable also nothing. Device Not i am afraid

Now i want to bought again keychain camcorder new version HD #11 on e-bay at 40$, but have a question about charging time.

Please reply if on new #11 version problem with battery and time charging about 1 hour is present? or i can plug device to USB or more time then one hour.

Big Thanks for reply my dear friends..

Sorry for my english...
The charge time is about one hour... depends on how far down you run the battery, of course! But the good thing is the LED indicator works like it should when connected to a standard USB plug charger or the computers USB port... the red LED stays lit to show the battery is charging, and then goes out when it is charged. HOWEVER, this is NOT the case with the car charger cable that comes with it. It will NOT light the red LED at all, but it WILL charge the battery AND also allow the camera to go into the video record mode while it is charging, i.e. the car charger power supply is in series with the camera's internal battery for unlimited recording time, up to the capacity of your flash card. It does this by supplying +5V on pin #4 of it's USB plug instead of the normal pin#1, according to our thread circuit sleuths!

A normal generic charger WILL charge the battery but will not allow the camera to toggle into the record mode while it's connected. BUT, if you start a recording with the camera's internal battery power FIRST, and THEN connect the camera to the generic charger, it WILL continue to power the camera until the recording process is stopped. If the camera stops recording momentarily due to the 20 min. stop/save/continue recording function, it will NOT resume recording if using a generic USB power supply. The special USB power plug as described above is needed for recording to resume. BUt if you have flashed in the continuous recording firmware, this procedure using a generic USB power supply will power the camera until the flash memory card is full.
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