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Originally Posted by Fotor View Post
Why is nobody here keeping this kind of models unpainted/uncovered? I think covering is not necessary for strength purposes, and with the right kind of paint one or two layers of just paint could be enough. Why are a lot of people here always covering everything? Don't see this negative, I'm truly interested why you are adding weight, what's the gain?

I'm planning on keeping at least the fuselage white (untreated) with stickers, maybe I'll make the wings/stabilizer light grey.

I somewhat agree with you- it seems an awful lot of work for little return-other than visually of course. It means added weight, increased approach speeds on landing (without adding slats/flaps to compensate), and only marginally increased structural strength. On the positive side, I would say it saves from hundreds of tiny dings that transport to and from the airfield creates in foam.

I usually only play with the wing- might cover it or glass it- just to get it as clean as possible to producs as much lift as possible. I am all about lift generation and roll response, even on an airliner edf. I have an edf foamy I scratchbuilt as a flight testbed from one of those large kid's hand-thrown gliders. The wings are heavily modified- flaps, washout at the tips, and swept. Covered in monocote, it is absurdly clean. The lift generation, especially with flaps 1, is astounding.

The fuselage I did nothing with and it is heavily dinged because of it.
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