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Originally Posted by victapilot View Post
Actually, there are some good banjo versions of Wipeout floating around! You might also like the one by Bobby Badfingers. Or in my case Danny Dumbthumbs? LOL

Touch and goes on snow look easy, but it ain't so! Nice job!
LOL, Thanks Victa, I'll check it out

Tom and Bill, actually, I waited to long to go skiing, the temps have been in the low 50's the last couple of days and the snow (as you can see from the foot tracks) is going fast and was really too mushy for good skiing. Had fun though. It's suppose to be warm all this week so looks like we're headed back to the skool.

I hadn't flown at that place before and I really didn't like it. Too close to a main highway and the guy in charge says we can fly there but not to fly over the highway. So that means going to the south into the low sun. Plus there's a wicked rotor or something just as you are trying to get down after the little rise on the final approach from the east. Really kicks you around.

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