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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
Rafa, I think both ri0grand and you have got super patience and have become quite proficient with the electronics and mechanical side of things. This cannot be said for me, when I started 17 years ago, things were much more simpler then. But still, I think you should tabulate your costs carefully. The main reason why I bought an Align 450 instead of a Creata 400 was because the cost of spare parts is much higher with Walkera. Not only that, there are spare parts from Clone makers that are even lower.

I am using my Walkera 2801pro with both Trexes and I have no complaints there. If you ever buy a Trex or Trex clone, you could consider using the V450D01 receiver with a FBL head on it.

By the way, I wonder if anyone could explain correct phasing of blades? If my head had never been removed, is it stil possible to get into the wrong phase?
It is good to have all perspectives. With the Walkera stuff you need to use forums like this for support. If you have a good LHS close by with a heli oriented business, an Align would make a lot of sense.
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