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Phasing is correct in this pic. With correct setting, when moving ELE stick, blade must not be moving with. Note antirotation unit is 90 degree angled with tail boom, also one blade is line-up with tail boom. This phasing only apply for 3 blades.If rotorhead had never been removed, outphasing only happened if antirotation has problem (inner pin broken, loosen screw...).
Just remember with rotor head phasing control input needs to happen 90 degrees ahead. So when one rotor blade is over the tail boom and you give forward or aft cyclic the blade should not move at all. If you move the cyclic stick left or right it should move.
Now how do you know if it moving in the correct direction? When you give left cyclic the blade over the boom should give positive pitch.
Notice in the pictures, one blade will be pointing towards the front of the heli. the other two backwards in a V. Looking from the back, the phase block should be on the left side at 90* with the front blade, which is in-line with the boom.
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