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Originally Posted by slacsteve View Post
I have ordered a class 6 micro sd card. I have only the one unknown speed card.

Yes indeed I can copy a word document on to the memory and lo and behold the next time I try to make a movie it works. Then if I remove the word document it doesn't work. So it's a small price to pay for getting it to work. But I now have videos.

Other anomalies (features?):

1. After turn on the shortest push of the small button I get three flashes and dark - movies mode. There is no opportunity to take jpgs which is supposed to be a short pulse as it goes immediately into movie mode.

2. I did manage to get a jpg by pushing the large button after turn on, got the flash. But would not go into movie mode until I turned it off and back on again.

3. It will only take one movie and then I terminate. After that it will not start another movie or jpg until after I turn it off with the big button.

4. After all that sort of success I erae everything - nothing works.

5. Put the word file back, took 3 movies in a row, but no jpgs.

I'll try the faster memory card next week and report.
Sure sounds like something is up with the memory card! That's a strange one though...

For taking pictures and movies:

Quick press of the power button turns the camera on, and shortly after the LED lights it will blink once. It's in movie mode, this is default when it's powered up. A quick press of the small button will start recording a movie, the LED will flash a few times then go dark while it records. Quick press the small button again, and it stops recording and the LED comes on again. It's still in movie mode, and you should be able to record another movie. While it's in movie mode (and not recording), quick press the larger power button to switch to picture mode. It will blink the LED once to confirm that it changed modes. Now a quick press of the small button takes a picture, and the LED blinks once when it takes it. (I say blinks, it goes dark for about 1/2 a second) You can now quick press the large button to go back to movie mode, or hold down the large button until the LED switches off the turn the camera off.
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