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I have also asked My Camera Guy about the two different battery wire termination schemes, and why the two different methods. It may be something simple, like one way is easier or faster to do without risking accidentally shorting the battery wires during soldering (mine are very close together and could be easily bridged with solder if not careful)! If you look closely, both schemes terminate the wires in about the same location, just on opposite sides of the circuit board, and those points may have continuity through the board.
Here's an update on this battery wire termination question. I was close... it's really a simple explanation... some batteries came with shorter wires on them, so they apparently adapted to the problem until they could correct it, with no difference in performance. Here's the email exchange with My Camera Guy:
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[I]A new question has come up in my thread about the battery wire connections to the circuit board. A number of us have opened our cameras to fine tune the lens focus, and we notice two different ways of connecting the battery wires to the circuit board. Mine has them both soldered side by side next to the lens and USB plug. Others have the red wire going through a hole in the circuit board soldered to a component on the opposite side near the large RAM chip, with the black wire soldered to one leg on the reset switch.

Can you tell us why the difference?
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Dear friend,
thanks for your reply, i would like to tell you that do not worry about it, the function will not impact, as the wire have not enough longer to connect the circuit. so through the hole soldered on the opposite side near the large RAM chip, thanks for your reply.
hope you do not worry about it.
May you a wonderful day
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