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Wow - thanks for all the responses/suggestions/advice! It's really been very helpful indeed!

I think I'll go with the full size T-28 for now and then maybe make my next plane (number 4) the UM T-28. This way, I can take the T-28 out and learn 4ch flying in a big open space and once I get pretty good I can buy the UM version to further hone my skills in my front yard (a smaller flying area) when the wind permits.

I probably won't buy it until February - gotta spread these purchases out a bit before the wife starts getting pissed! Since deciding to purchase my first plane, my spending pattern has been:

12/27 - bought Hobbyzone UM Champ. Had a blast but the wind frustrated me.
12/28 - bought the Hobbyzone Super Cub. LOVE THIS PLANE!!
12/29 - bought replacement cowl and firewall for SC (unfortunate nose dive accident)
1/1 - bought the blad mSR
1/5 - bought several mSR replacement parts (and countless hours getting back to great flying condition)
1/9 - bought tail replacement for UM Champ (did some damage dislodging it from a tree)
1/12 - bought DX6i (HUGE improvement in control for Blade mSR by the way)

So... I better give it a rest until February and then I'll buy the T-28! Thanks again for the advice and I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh - and someone asked how I like the Super Cub. I HIGHLY recommend this plane to any beginner. The only problem I've had is keeping the landing gear in place. It just sort-of pushes into a slot and it falls out all the time on me (even on takeoffs). Maybe it's defective. But other than that this is a WONDERFUL plane to learn on and it looks awesome as well.
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