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I have a solution for "connection breakdown" 106b+

Originally Posted by luckym View Post
Hello all,
Is there a solution to rescue 106B+ charger if it displays Connection break down? It doesn't charge any battery. After battery checking it shows the message. Today I used lipo storage program, the charger was mostly discharging the packs. Then I switch the charger off. Later I turned it on again and tried to charge a pack and the charger displayed connection break down after battery checking.
I have followed the FAQ... , last FW(3.14), checked connection, checked PCB (nothing seems to be burned), tried different power supplies (incl battery), done Test (the charger recognized pack and cells, correct cells voltages and output voltage). But it doesn't measure bat. impedance, it shows 0 for every cells and pack. I tried program for motor control but unsucesfully.

I bought it from HC, it wasn't utilized fully (just half a year), I charged the packs max 2A.
Thanks for help,
HI, I had the same problem after a voltage input from my dc powersupply over 30volt.
I replaced a component Q26, which is near the DC input port, the model of the Q26 is BC807 and D 16 a zener 20 volt with anotherone no smd, this is upside down the input port, I used a magnifying glass.
bye from italy
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