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Originally Posted by KeithLuneau View Post
Looking into the connector with the wire going away from you, and with the wide part on the bottom, the pins are 1-2-3-4-5 left to right, and the outer shell isn't connected to anything! The last pin on the right should be ground, you can check that one without opening the charger up. It should trace through to the cigarette lighter plug, on one of the two metal tabs on the side. Only one is connected though, the other is just there as a spring to hold it tight I guess.

There should be that one ground pin, then one other pin will have 5V one it, it should be either pin 1 on the left, or pin 4 next to the ground pin. The other pins are not connected so you can't short them. Just be careful not to short pins 4 and 5 if those are in fact the two "live" pins. There's no telling what will blow...

I would check between pins one and 5 and see if it has 5V first, if not, carefully try pins 4 and 5!
I just got +5.36v on pin 4 !!! On a free Harbor Freight VOM so the thing probably isn't the most accurate in the world but I wasn't about to use my GOOD VOM

Pin 5 is Neg as you stated. I got nothing on Pin 1 so I carefully checked pin 4and 5 and came up with the reading.
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