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The UM T-28 is a good and durable plane. The only problem I have with it is the very low wind tolerance. I don't have access to big indoor places to fly it and in my city its windy every day.

beside from that I enjoy it specially when I use the Dual Rate and can easily fly it without being too worried.

Other thing is when the plane goes a bit high , it is hard to see it very well ( in outdoor ) I think it is not a big deal for some but hence i am a beginner myself and like to keep my altitude "high" , I get confused flying it high sometimes..

I crashed my ( not very hard ) few times but the plane just bounced back ( On the grass ) with no damage, then I did learn it can land even with no throttle as its very light.

Over all I enjoy mine and with some patience and practice it would be fun !

I saw his bigger brother last week, Same great handling but dealing with wind much better ( its bigger ! ) and easy to see in the sky. I would buy that but I don't have a large field to fly it as yet.
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