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Originally Posted by lostheli View Post
I'm getting all about who posted what and who is quoting who.

Yabba, What exactly happened to camera 1? or is it a secret?
Naw, it ain't no secret. Static Electricity is the suspect I suspect I sucessfully removed the datestamp and got bold and decided to try focusing. I started having to handle it pretty rough to get the lens to come unglued (I kept scraping and trying to turn, scrape
somemore ... ) I must have forgotten to ground myself out on the metal frame for the usb plug or the card frame and I probably touched something I shouldn't have. Or I may have touched the outputs from the processor with my finger.

After that I almost didn't try to re-focus the second camera but I'm pigheaded and used more care this time. I even wore rubber gloves

What's the saying? Fly or Die? That was kind of the way I felt with the second one.

I just never mentioned it because I was embarassed to admit that I had blown up $40.

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