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Originally Posted by KeithLuneau View Post
Hmm... Good point, I didn't even realize that!

I just double checked with the actual contacts in the connector, and pin 5 is ground, pin 4 is positive. Normal pinouts for mini-usb show pin 4 as "not connected"... Maybe they're using an otherwise "extra" pin for charging?

Also, the outer metal part is not connected to ground. Not sure if they usually are on mini-usb, but I would have thought so.

Searching, I found some more...

So, if some cables have pin 4 grounded, wouldn't that be bad for out little cameras? Good reason to watch what cable you use on it, and possibly why some camera are getting hot when used in webcam mode for a while?

Edit - On second thought, I'm now wondering if the red wire did in fact come off of that pin... I assumed it did because there was a little solder left on it, but it also looked like the wired had been hand soldered. Maybe it didn't come off of pin 4 afterall... Anyone care to check the output on their charger and verify it for me? If I've given some bad info I'll edit the post to reflect that...
Well first off, the red wire in the car charger cable must have the +5V on it (assuming black is ground) from the other end that plugs into the car 12v port. So it has to have been connected to a pin somewhere, or there is no completed circuit to the camera. And if other USB plug chargers do in fact charge the camera battery, then their pin with +5V on it has to be the same in the car charger, or have a jumper to the same pin, or the camera would not charger from a generic charger.

Yet, there is some definitive difference in the car charger from all other USB plug chargers I have tried, and I say that because I just did a car charger test with the HD camera cord. When I plug in the car charger, the red LED does NOT come on (as it does with all other USB plug chargers I've tried, including the PC USB port), but reportedly the camera IS still charging.

Further, when pushing the power button again, the yellow LED lights with all the chargers, but when then pushing the record button, ONLY the HD car charger will start a recording. The others just do nothing (other than continue to charge, presumably).

I'm sure some one will soon confirm the definitive car charger pin/shroud configuration scheme.

The camera gets considerably warmer when connected to its car charger and is shooting video at the same time, but this is expected... the video processor chip is working hard and consuming more current!

I think we will find the "emergency charger" accessory works just like the car charger.
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