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Originally Posted by dghutt View Post
Maybe the camera is supersensitive to the input current.

I haven't received my 808HD yet but can report that my Blackberry 9630 is very touchy about the input mah on a wall-wart. It will only charge when 500mah is being delivered.

I learned this on a recent trip out of town. I brought a 300mah wall-wart and the BB's USB cable. When it didn't charge the phone I found a store near my hotel selling a 1000mah 5v USB brick -- still no dice. When I got home I tried a 700mah charger with equal results. In some instances the phone will detect and show the connection with a lightening bolt over the charge indicator bar, but it does not take a charge unless it's receiving a 500mah current.

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I think you meah mA (current), not mAh (capacity) ratings. But the ratings on the charger is what it CAN do, not what it WILL do. The device attached will draw the current it needs at the voltage available, assuming the supply can deliver the required current. A supply with a larger current rating does not mean the device will necessarily draw more power from it (e.g. just like my motor doesn't draw any more current from a 2200 mAh battery than a 1200 mAh battery if the voltage to the motor is the same.)

From your description of the problem, it sounds more like there may be an intermittant connection on the USB plug in your phone... maybe just dirty contacts in the plug, poor spring force on one of the pins, or even fractured solder connection on the plug inside the camera.
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