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Originally Posted by clx1 View Post
The Blackberry charger has a rated output of 5VDC at 500mA while many generic wall warts are only outputting 100mA to 300mA.
Maybe the camera is supersensitive to the input current.

I haven't received my 808HD yet but can report that my Blackberry 9630 is very touchy about the input mah on a wall-wart. It will only charge when 500mah is being delivered.

I learned this on a recent trip out of town. I brought a 300mah wall-wart and the BB's USB cable. When it didn't charge the phone I found a store near my hotel selling a 1000mah 5v USB brick -- still no dice. When I got home I tried a 700mah charger with equal results. In some instances the phone will detect and show the connection with a lightening bolt over the charge indicator bar, but it does not take a charge unless it's receiving a 500mah current.

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