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Originally Posted by yabbadaba2 View Post

That's interesting. My wires are like yours and the pos goes thru the hole in the circuit board and is soldered on the opposite side from the neg. Not sure if that's what you are referring to or not but mine appears like yours.

Haven't had any problems with it....yet.

That is very interesting! I know you bought yours before I did, Yabba, and the vendor did say they had made some changes from earlier models, but yours has a good picture. I wonder what other changes they might have made other than the point where power is supplied???. I didn't see any numbers on my circuit board that might indicate a date or revision.

In looking at my circuit board picture to where your red battery wires are soldered, it almost looks like that solder point on mine has some "ragged" solder there, as if the red wire may have been soldered there at some point, and was changed. I'm going to take a much closer look at my board to see if the picture is correct or just a bad image.

finster, I'd think you could get a replacement camera from your vendor, especially if you show him an example of the problem. If for some reason that fell through (or if he just sends you another camera and doesn't want yours back), I'd try resoldering the power leads to the pads where mine are... your camera has them too. If the board then smokes, no big loss, maybe?
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